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The Special K Software Exposure Magic program eliminates a world wide problem that has been present since the inception of photography. Do you often find that the composition you want to photograph has different areas that require different lighting conditions and exposures? This particularly occurs with natural scenery. This software application combines different pictures taken with different exposures into a single Perfectly Exposed Image. That means that you can capture your images with different areas in the image well exposed, and the software will deconvolute the images into the one single perfect image.

To construct this Montage from a number of other images, a variety of sophisticated algorithms are used. The software has the versatility to allow the used to evaluate different algorithms and smoothing options.

The latest version has enhanced logic and is MUCH FASTER. It also allows the printing and editing of LARGER PICTURES.


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You may download a demonstration version of Exposure Magic to establish whether it meets your needs This demonstration version has all the functionality of the commercial version. So, you can combine your own images, as well as using the many illustration examples included. You can explore the variables used that allow you to optimize the Perfect Exposure image, despite the different filters and natural colours that may be used. The demonstration version does not allow you to save the image you create. To save it, you need the full commercial version.

This is 32 bit software, so works perfectly under any 32 bit Windows operating systems, eg Windows 95,98,ME,XP,NT,2000, Vista

I hope you find this fills your needs. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on this software.

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Exposure Magic combined two photographic images which have been taken with different exposure settings to produce one perfect image.

It produced this one single image, perfectly exposed.

Exposure Magic combined these two photographic images which have been taken with different exposure settings to produce one perfect image.

It produced this one single image, perfectly exposed.

Astronomy is a rich field for combining different images into one, to show the full image with perfect exposure.

Exposure Magic

Click here to see a screen shot

Download Exposure Magic demonstration version ver 2.1 - new!!

You are free to evaluate this demonstration copy for as long as you wish. Click on the link above. Record the directory path into which you download the exposuremagic.zip file. When the download is complete, open it with an unzipping program, such as Winzip, and run the setup.exe file.


Buying the Full Registered version of Exposure Magic

You can purchase the full commercial version from this website.

The commercial version lets you save the perfect exposure Montage files that you create, to disk, to the clipboard, and open them in your favorite Picture Editor. All the crippling in the demonstration version is removed. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

You can purchase it with your credit card or PayPal. A link will be sent to you so that you can download the full registered version quickly. The cost for a single licence copy is US$15. Contact us to negotiate lower costs for multiple licenses for your business or institution. Educational rebates are available.

You can also register off-line by posting a check directly to Special K Software. The correct postal address is

Attn. G. McKay
7 Smith St.
Brunswick West
Victoria , 3055

The Exposure Magic End User Licence Conditions:

This copyrighted software is distributed commercially. The end user has the right to install the software on one computer, where it may be used by any number of users on that single computer. A copy may be installed on one other computer, as long as the software would not be used concurrently on both computers (eg in a photographic laboratory with one photographer and two computer work stations). If you require the software on more than two computers, you must purchase additional copies. Multi computer licences are available at a discount - contact Special K Software).

A stand alone version may not be installed on a network drive. However you are welcome to save your original images, and created perfect exposure Montage images, to a network drive to more easily share them between users. You own the perfect exposure Montage picture produced, so you may distribute this as widely as you wish without reference to Special K Software.

The purchaser must ensure that they have the legal right to use the original images, free of copyright infringements.

Email: gmckay@specialksoftware.com

The postal address is

Attn. G.McKay
7 Smith St.
Brunswick West
Victoria , 3055

ph +61-(0)3-9343-6069
fax +61-(0)3-9313-4608

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